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Re: Little Girls or Dagger of the Mind -- which do you like better

And apparently so could Korby. Which presents three possibilities:

a) Korby manufactured Andrea with the specs we see, and was powerless to give the android any other specs at this early point of experimentation. Doesn't mean Korby himself would be inherently limited by the nature of the process, as his own body and mind could have been manufactured somewhat differently, with refinements allowing for a "bigger personality". Andrea didn't have a previously existing human mind for use as an ingredient in the process, for example.

b) Korby manufactured Andrea with the specs we see, because he liked those specs. Doesn't mean Korby would limit his own specs the same way. Nor is the manufacturing of sex dolls necessarily at odds with a personality that couldn't hurt a fly.

c) Korby manufactured Andrea with the capacity to be as human as she pleases. She chose to be the way we see her, possibly because she felt Korby liked her best that way. And pleasing Korby was clearly high up in her agenda, whether by Korby's design or by her own conscious or subconscious will.

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