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Re: What are the requirements for the joining the Federation?

Um, that was exactly what Picard said, so why are you calling it false?
Hmm. What I'm saying is true to what Picard is saying. What you are saying is false.

Namely, your claim that

"Having a unified planetary government" aren't my words, those are the actual words actually spoken onscreen by Picard in "Attached."
is untrue. The actual words are yours, not Picard's. See above for the actual words of Picard, the ones that do not contain the words "planetary" or "government" at all.

Perhaps there's something I'm not getting, but doesn't discrimination come with the very existence of castes?
Depends on the definition of discrimination, I guess. Today, it's atypical to yell "discrimination" if only people of a select gender are allowed to become pregnant or only those with a certain nationality are allowed to vote in certain elections. The "lot in life" inherent in being born to a caste might not warrant moral outrage amounting to discrimination charges, not in all cases.

That Bajor's caste system was discriminatory by UFP standards was obvious. Which is a pity, because it obscures whether the UFP would tolerate less discriminatory caste systems or not.

Timo Saloniemi
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