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Re: Starfleet Command Insignia

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My rationalization for non-Enterprise personnel wearing the delta is it's a fleet emblem, not a ship emblem.
The officers in the "Court-Martial" starbase club and the (hard to recognize) uniform insignias of the Defiant's crew in "The Tholian Web" would seem to justify this theory, but then there are the insignias of the Constellation (Commodore Decker!) and the Exeter to be considered / explained (i.e. why should Enterprise have a general fleet emblem and these two other ships don't?)

I have this pet theory according to which every seven years the achievements of Starfleet's starships are evaluated and the "best" ship is honored by adapting its insignia for Starfleet (all non-starship personnel).

It would appear that by the time of TOS Lexington has become this ship. The previous winner was Pike's Enterprise (some Starfleet non-starship uniforms still wear the delta) and after TOS it will be the Enterprise again (and maybe together with another starship with a circular insignia. )

The only unseen insignia I believe we can all have a pretty good idea what it did look like is the one of the Intrepid. Because of its Vulcan crew it most likely looked like an IDIC.
Just my 0.02 $.

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