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Re: Question for the Parents on TrekBBS

My mother used to belt her daughters with her pink brush. We would would be hit 8 to 12 times and we used to end up bruised.

My brother was never punished at all. He would sneak up and hit or pinch me or my sisters or even spit at us. If we retaliated he would run to Mum and say we were picking on him and we would get a belting. He would deliberately break our toys and Mum would blame us for it.

My brother ended up being a workplace bully who lost job after job. He is now an alcoholic.

None of the girls in my family ended up smacking our children except in those rare circumstances I mentioned.

My father never spanked us, though he did punish us in other ways. We (me and my sisters) behaved much better for him than we did for Mum because we hated to disappoint him.

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