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Things you wanted as a child


I have been looking through a book I recently bought Mail-Order Mysteries: Real Stuff from Old Comic Book Ads.

When I was a child I used to peruse the ads in comic books wishing I could send away for some of these marvelleous products. However my mother informed me that because I didn't live in America I couldn't send away for them .

The book shows the orginal ad and then has the headings

WE IMAGINED (what children thought they would get)
THEY SENT (a genuine description of the product)
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION (usually not good, but some products were actually good)

Things I missed out on included

X-Ray Specs
Ventrilo Voice Thrower
Kryptonite Rock
6-Foot monster size monsters
Greedy fingers bank
Sneezing Powder
Secret Spy Scope

After reading this book I guess I can say, that I was actually lucky to live in Tasmania and unable to buy any of this crap.

Did you ever what anything you saw advertise in old comics? Did your parent let you send for anything?

What about other things that you really wanted but your parents wouldn't let you have?
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