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Re: Question for the Parents on TrekBBS

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OTOH, between the three of us girls, there was all sorts of physical violence. Usually for no reason more than "she looked at me funny" or "she was breathing my air".
Tell me about it. Had 2 sisters. We all had girls only as offspring. I always remember on road trips my father reaching back (he has huge hands) and grabbing a leg, any leg, and squeezing. We were usually quick off the mark to get our legs up on the seat but occasionally someone would be too slow.

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I only spanked my children when they did something dangerous and they were too young to reason with.
This is my position as well. As the father of a two-month-old, I wonder if can keep it. I hope so.
Kid psychology isn't difficult. Just remember that you're smarter than him and so long as he believes it, you'll be fine. The day he realises he's smarter than you is usually around the time he wants to borrow your car, so you still have the upper hand.
They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance.
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