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Re: How to know when you're too old for your clothes

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It must be much harder for larger men to buy clothes that fit properly than us larger women. I'm a UK size 16-18, and shop almost exclusively at stores that cater for larger sizes because the proportions of the clothes in these stores are right. Simply upsizing a size 8 pattern to a 16 doesn't work because the overall proportions change. It's pretty easy for me to find clothes that fit properly, including jeans, but it must be much harder for larger men. I can't think of any store which caters exclusively for their clothing needs.
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Link: Tall and Fat

Seriously, in America there are big-and-tall stores everywhere. Don't they have those in the UK?
Being a fat bastard myself, I can tell that finding a good pair of trousers is a bit tricky sometimes. Here they seem to take "big and tall" a bit too seriously, since every time I find a pair of trousers with fitting waist, they are too long. And I'm not even that short (about 177 cm, 5' 10").

Yes, there are shops for big guys, but they usually are located in the larger shopping malls and such malls are not too common here in Finland. So you might have to drive around a bit, unless you live in a "big" city (none of them can be considered big in global scale).
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