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Re: How to know when you're too old for your clothes

but I did point out every time that it was my personal opinion.
And that was your point, wasn't it, that everyone should be allowed to have their own opinion?
And that this variety of opinions is something positive (on which we both agree).

So, on the whole we agree to disagree and that this disagreement is something agreeable..., kindof..., errrr... argh! Sorry, this early in the morning parts of my brain are still in a semi-coma.

I think we both mean basically the same thing, only I am too clumsy to explain it properly.
We both think different opinions are good because they make life interesting and they open us a new perspective. And we both think that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and shouldn't force it upon others.
I believe, so far I got it right?

Now, the point where the misunderstanding lies, I believe, is that I was so clumsy to create the impression that I wanted everyone to share my view (for example by forcing people to cover ugly tattoos or to pull up their pants).
That is not precisely what I meant.
What I did mean is: I, individually, as a person, find unartistic tattoes and baggy pants so ugly that they make me want to puke. I *wish* that I could be spared these views but am fully aware that I have no right to *demand* it.
As I loathe these two particular fashion trends so deeply, I protested them so passionately that the fact that I expressed a wish (or a hope rather, to be honest) somehow didn't show clearly enough.

IIRC someone in an early post said a certain fashion ought to lead to capital punishment. If memory serves it was the wrong way baseball cap. I should perhaps have used a similarly drastic phrase to make it plain that I didn't make a suggestion.

Sorry about the misunderstanding.
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