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Re: How to know when you're too old for your clothes

Yes RH you said this:

But that's what the whole thread is about, after all. It's about what we personally and individually consider ok and what we find intolerable. It doesn't neccessarily mean we all must agree on everything. In fact, it'd be a terribly boring world if we did!
It doesn't mean either that anyone is right or wrong. In matters of aesthetics there can't be a right or wrong, only preferences, impressions and feelings.
In which you say there is no right or wrong, it's all taste.

But that's quite in contrast to your other posts, including this :

Much the same goes for tattoos in my opinion. They are something not everyone wants to see and that should therefore be looked at privately, but not be forced upon all the world.
And this:

I don't want to have no alternative to looking at bad tatoos. People who don't cover their tatoos violate other people's rights to not be offended esthetically.
Not quite a celebration of diversity. People not covering their tattoos are violating your rights? They shouldn't be forced upon the world by being on exposed skin? So no, you did not make the same point I did about diversity at all.

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