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Re: Poor Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru... Oh Well!

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Luke's on a quest to follow in his father's footsteps, one which he had been blocked from pursuing by his uncle.
I get the impression that, while Uncle Owen is indeed blocking such a quest, he's doing such a good job of blocking it that Luke has no idea that his old man was anything but a navigator on a spice freighter.

Even so, he rushed home into danger to try to save his aunt and uncle. Instead of curling up into a ball upon finding their remains, Luke was filled with determination to set out on the quest he had always dreamed of. Keep in mind, Luke also realizes that he is now marked for death by the Empire, like his aunt and uncle.
True to a point. This isn't the quest he always dreamed of, though. In the next episode, Yoda basically brands him as an irresponsible daydreamer, so we can assume he was imagining very exciting adventures, no doubt because he sees his own existence as dull and useless. He whines to C-3PO about how remote Tatooine is and then gets really excited about hearing about the rebellion. His fantasy is to fight against the evil Empire but he has no real hope of actually doing so, as the reality of the harvest (!?) always seems to be in the way. He doesn't at first even believe Ben about his father having been a Jedi. He is only convinced by the fact that the kooky but kindly old man seems to know stuff and gives him an old lightsaber which allegedly belonged to his father, and then his family turns up extra crispy after he realizes that something might be up with the droids. Yes, he has to escape the Imperial deathmark so running to Alderaan with Ben seems as good an idea as any, and he's certainly swept up by the possibility that his father was a Jedi, and an important General in the Clone Wars. But this is all news to him revealed during the movie, not some long held intrinsic belief that he's always had.

Luke's choices seem to follow plausibly from clear motivations of his character, not only on their own merits but especially in the context of the fantasy genre.
I don't disagree with this, really. I just think he ought to be a little more torn up about Owen and Beru.

I'm just saying!

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