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Re: How to know when you're too old for your clothes

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If you ask me he doesn't just look like one...

LOL, ok, that was really unfair, so back to the discussion.
I see your point and I'm honestly trying to be tolerant but some things just make me physically sick. Baggy pants and bad tatoos are definitely beyond my pain threshold.
Where I live that's called uptight.

Seriously, your pain threshold?! It's diversity and living in a society where people feel free to wear what they like and decorate themselves as they like when walking down the street is a something to celebrated. It didn't just happen, it's a result of years of other kinds fights for acceptance. It's the spillover of a more liberal society that doesn't judge people on sexual preferences, ethnicity, religious beliefs, a society that allows personal choices in the matter of identity. You don't have to look far to find societies where stuff we might take for granted (cross dressing for instance) is an abomination and will get you in legal trouble.

Try enjoying the personal freedoms your society has evolved to accepting. They don't have to be your choices to be something to celebrate.
Which was my point in the second half of my post which you chose not to quote.
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