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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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JJ Abrams as the common denominator? NO thank you. The guy made technically made a Star Trek movie (with the title and characters whatever) but he didn't really make a real Star Trek movie. It didn't have a soul.
Of all the souls I have encounted, his was the most........ human.

As he himself said he made a Star Trek movie that he himself would want to watch, not something based on the appeal of the previous series.
That is not what he said (to the highlighted parts.) Your putting words in his mouth.

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No Orci and Kurtzman is why I'm optimistic. Most of the problems with Trek 09 are with the shitty script. The visual style irritates me a lot too at times but otherwise it's very cinematic and not too bad. Frankly, the writers of Transformers 2 have no interesting thoughts to ever offer me.
The writers of the most financially and critically successful film in the Star Trek franchise should though. Who is that? Orci and Kurtzman.... don't be mad bro.
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