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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

Ugh...I really hate the designation ''binge viewing''. I don't binge view, but I will marathon shorter run series on occasion. Longer run shows I'll watch roughly 4-5 episodes a month. And I'll agree that Netflix's strategy of releasing the entire season of an original production is a mistake, but not for the hysterical reasoning offered in that piece. Netflix is denying itself the tremendous promotional bonanza that having an original series delivers. I've always felt that the best thing for them to do was-as mentioned in the article, release the episodes in 4 episode volumes. It gives you something to crow about, it can drive interviews for cast in the media each month...once an outlet covers the show the month it premieres, there's no further reason to go back. With volume releases, guest actors can be chatted up over upcoming appearances.

There can be a certain logic applied to putting the entire thing out at once. Instead of Hastings using the book example, he should have used theatrical films. You pay upwards of $8 to watch a new movie all at once, and likening Cards to an $8 movie ticket would've worked alot better for the Hollywood press.

Another fault of that article is omitting the reason behind all pay tv services turning to original programming. HBO and Showtime went to war with one another back in the early 80s. Out of that war came the advent of exclusive studio licensing, each channel locking the entire theatrical slates of studios down, blocking the other from access. Both suffered as the pool of films shrank. And that's when they turned to creating content, to help pad the schedules now deprived of the latest blockbuster from a studio the other had under lockdown. That same dynamic is now hitting Netflix. But instead of focusing on that, most media prefer reveling in the shrill ''let's obsess over doom and gloom'' where this company is concerned. It's tiresome.

BTW, Sony owned Crackle, an ad supported streaming service has also released an original series entitled ''Chosen''. Starring Heroes' Milo Ventimiglia, it's 6 half hour episodes, available at all once. Check it out sometime.
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