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Re: Barnes & Nobel shrinking

My nearest mall had a Waldenbooks and B. Dalton when I moved here 20 years ago. They were the only thing I went to the mall for. I bought most of my film/tv books and assorted magazines there. Then Walden closed, then B. Dalton, then one of the anchor stores left. Then Wal-Mart built a superstore there, but of course they don't sell the kinds of books I want. Then the rest of the anchors and most of the boutique chains disappeared. A CostCo also went in there, but I can't afford to step foot in the place since I don't have the money to blow on a membership.

There are some B&N (the initials remind me of railroads) stores here, but the closest one means at least a two hour excursion using public transportation and walking to the store roundtrip with a mobility handicap. I'd rather examine a book in person than just a few pages (if that) through the internet, so most of my book buying days are over.

There's no local bookstore in my neighborhood except Goodwill.
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