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Re: Last Resort Series Finale Discussion *Spoilers Possible*

The editing in the final few episodes was absolutely atrocious. I know they were trying to shoehorn things in, and had limited time, but events were happening without any clear explanation for how or why. The wife was rescued out of nowhere, the Speaker of the House feels he needs to Budd Dwyer himself with NO explanation, Autumn Reeser's boyfriend (not sure, it seemed like she banged at least three dudes in this show) kills himself in the hotel room for no reason... was Autumn Reeser's dad good or bad? Did he want the President killed or saved? So convoluted.

Why did Chaplain stay on the boat if the F-18s were coming to blow it up anyway? He said something about blowing it up with dry missiles, but the jets fired on it, too. He could have escaped with everyone else. Why are all these people perfectly willing to kill themselves?

On the flip side, why does the SEAL not kill the Chinese dude at the end? Just because the Sierra Doll tells him not to kill? That Chinese guy was bad. And as mentioned earlier in the thread, Serratt should have been killed back in episode one.

Even simple things were edited poorly: like when the ship hit the sandbar, we do not see a reaction shot of the bridge like we do of the Captain and XO. But we do later see the people on the bridge, and they're all bloodied and bruised. That's a rookie mistake by an editor.
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