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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Atomic bomb test. Quark and Odo used one to help propel their Ferengi shuttle from 1947 back to the late 24th century.
B is for Boothby. Starfleet Academy caretaker.
C is for c, the speed of light. The real-life maximum speed limit of the universe. Breaking it in Star Trek began the whole adventure.
D is for Deneb IV, visited by both James Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard during their respective Starfleet careers.
E is for Excalbia. Home of powerful rock critters.
F is for Ferengi Marauder, one of the largest warships in the Alpha Quadrant though often crewed by rather inept officers.
G is for Gobbledygook. See technobabble.
H is for Hanoli System, located near Vulcan.
I is for Injectors; antimatter, matter, or warp plasma. Major components of the warp drive.
J is for Jem'Hadar. Attack of the Clones.
K is for Klingon High Command. The highest ranking military officers of their Empire.
L is for Leeta. Holy crap, she's hot.
M is for Miramanee, very briefly the wife of James T. Kirk.
N is for.........NONA!! She would have liked to have been the wife of James T. Kirk. But met the same fate as Miramanee.
O is for Odona of Gideon. The girl wanted to get sick in a bad way.
P is for photon torpedoes. However, they are easily defeated by the top-secret crimson forcefield.
Q is for quadrant. Apparently in the Beta Quadrant nothing of note ever happens.
R is for Robert Fox, one of the two ill-fated el-Aurian transports that the Enterprise-B attempted to rescue in 2293.
S is for Spock's clock.
T is for Tiny. Don't call Sulu that.
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