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Re: TNG Caption This! 302: I look forward to our next caption, Captain

Picard: Ouch... K'Ehlyer changed her status to single

Riker: Meh... No one wants to date a single mom

Troi: Which would you like to talk about today, your Borg abduction, your Cardassian torture, or your life on Kataan?

Picard: (Thinking) I should have taken that job with Louis. How hard could it be to stack dirt in the Atlantic Ocean?

Picard's Gladys Knight cover band rehearsals always went hardest on "The Pips"

Data: While we wait for the captain's decision, I could read you another one of my poems about my cat

Picard: That's far enough, Tomalak! I advise you to stand farther to your left. That wall behind you looks very hot!
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