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Re: Sci-Fi TV Shows that you're pretty sure only you watched.

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Brimstone. Great show. Probably the one-season show I wished most wasn't cancelled.

The Adventures of Sinbad. Seems like no one remembers it. Really liked the cast. Maeve > Bryn, though having seen Bryn's IMDB pics, she's gotten better with age.

Cleopatra 2525. Jennifer Sky was eye-catching in that outfit, but the series wasn't worth losing Amarice in Xena as the new sidekick. With her on the show as originally intended, maybe they wouldn't have needed so many comedies to cover for the action-limited Xena: Pregnant Princess, which would have averted several of the worst episodes in the series.

The Jack of All Trades.

The Outer Limits (II). On Showtime. Even to 2000. And then on Sci-Fi Channel. How many subscribed back to Showtime then to see Stargate SG-1, The Outer Limits, and The Legacy?
Harsh Realm.

Dark Skies. Forgotten original companion series to The Pretender & Profiler on NBC Saturday nights. X-Files-esque conspiracy series intended to last 5 years set in a different decade each season from the 1960s- 2000s.

Sleepwalkers. Yes, I actually saw the only 2 episodes it aired nationally before being yanked.
i watched all those. i thought Brimstone and Dark Skies were pretty good back in the day. i don't think i've seen them in years though.
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