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Re: Theory on money in the 24th century

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Problem with AUTHOR notes that startrek retcons itself on every occasion possible. I go with the scientificly plausible and the technical manuals ..not the author notes
Replicators working by transforming energy into matter is 'scientifically plausible' for you?

You're far from Physicists or chemists or biologists yourself, Photonic:

PS - Transforming a person into energy=a large yield atomic explosion.

And you clearly do not 1. apply the fundamentals of your studies to their absolutes. 2. Apply them to broader models than what you earned your degree in and 3. think outside the box.
I think outside the box just fine. It's just that I keep track of certain fundamental principles while doing so - you know, conservation of energy, thermodynamics, that kind of stuff.

I already said enough to demonstrate the matter/energy scheme for replicators/transporters is absurd - in light of fundamental scientific principles. I won't repeat myself again.
If teleportation/replication will ever be invented, they won't be using such means.

"But what if you could also replicate the same em emissions from the transporter hardware to replace the energy lost in the interactions such that it would be the same or at least similar to the original product."
Because what comes out of the transporter would be either a failed genetic experiment of a Bizzaro 'copy' of the person that came in.
Of course, there are tons of gigantic problems before you arrive at this one (how do you convert mass in energy - what king of energy, for that matter; how do you keep that energy from exploding/radiating; etc, etc).

"are stated to convert energy to mass and vice versa. Perhaps via some means we do not understand."
"The only method of teleportation i subscribe to would be multi dimensional transferrance."
"higher dimensions where space can exist in multiple configurations and you may choose the right one "
Photonic, you should skip all this technobabble and name these concepts for what they are - magic/fantasy.
The concepts you're using are from fuzzy pseudo-physics. And, despite what you think, they don't make your ideas more credible.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton
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