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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 70; Obfuscation

Kira had no idea that when Trill symbiants mate, they do it inside their hosts.

BASHIR: When I barged in on your holodeck program I expected to find you killing Nazis or climbing mountains, not...
O'BRIEN: No Julian, I'm not cheating. This is actually Keiko.
BASHIR: You mean...
KEIKO: Yes, we make each other look like other people. I was going to make Miles a Bolian. Now if you don't mind...
BASHIR: Okay, I'm leaving! Wow.

WEYOUN: Write what you know, Jake. For instance, you are the son of enemy brass, and you stayed behind on an enemy base, completely trusting them not to hold you for ransom. Why don't you write an essay on your brilliant deductive reasoning skills?

SHAKAAR: I distinctly heard you say you wanted kids.
KIRA: Shakaar, I don't want to talk about this here.
SHAKAAR: If he was raised by a female scientist he'd be a chick!
KIRA: Well that wouldn't bother Dax!

BASHIR: So. You realized you can channel Netflix through that thing.
SISKO: (sniff) Why Charlie? He just wanted to get Claire and her baby home!
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