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I agree about the shrimp, I'm just making a vegie suggestion for the thread.
I know
The pre-fried (browned on outside) tofu holds together and would be good in that dish.
For ease, I like to get the pre cooked tofu as well. There's a really good smoked one I like a lot.

I think coconut milk + chillie + coriander is one of the greatest tastes ever.
I'll have to try coriander next time. There's nothing quite like the spice/sweet combo!
I have a ton of frozen prawns in the freezer, just grab a handful, pour hot water on it to defrost and then throw into any stir fry. I also like to sautee them briefly in garlic and then just eat them in tacos with avocado. The are very simple things!
Yeah! I'm definitely going to make them more often!
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