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Re: "Best of both Worlds" - Special Bluray Release

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Sorry, but that BOBW cover art looks horrendous! It looks like something a fan could have made on photoshop. Fingers crossed they change it before the release date.

Nah, the simple shot of Locutus on the cover pretty much says it all. Its the Picard angle picked up in Family and First Contact, very appropriate.

I don't think he's objecting to the use of Lucutus on the cover... he's objecting to how they went about it, i.e. using a season two publicity still of Stewart as Picard, then pasting on the Borg implants in Photoshop.

I wasn't originally going to share this, but my initial stab at this was to try and use a real image of Locutus on the cover, but I just abandoned it:

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