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That's a really flawed way of looking at things. Why don't you count the people who watched Star Trek on television? It's like saying the NFL is more successful than MLB because more people watch on average the NFL games than the MLB games, leaving out the fact that MLB has vastly more games a season (162 vs 16).

I mean yes the NFL does make more money than MLB but the point is you framed it in a way that made it more one-sided than it is.

I'm sure Star Wars has made more money if you count everything (toys, tickets, books, etc) than Star Trek but doing a pure movie vs movie comparison is ridiculous.

Star Wars is primarily a movie franchise, Star Trek is more television.
Legion: Can someone get butthurt from penis envy? I didn't necessarily know so many Trek fans felt that way. Indeed, if it weren't for SW in 1977, we all may have gotten "Star Trek Phase II: The Entire Series", Special Edition, on Blu-Ray for Christmas. Oh, why can't we all just get along?

As far as the popularity of the NFL over MLB goes, panthers34343, poll after poll says NFL football is by far the favorite sport of Americans.
I wasn't disputing the fact that the NFL was more popular than Major League Baseball, I specifically said "Yes the NFL makes more money than MLB", what I was disputing was the methodology of just counting movie grosses when Trek is primarily a TV product.

The freaking joke called the NFL Pro Bowl draws more TV viewers than World Series games and the NBA Finals do.
Are you kidding? Where do you get this stuff from?

The recent Pro Bowl got 12.2 million viewers in one game,

The most recent NBA Finals got an average of 16.9 million viewers in five games.

So that's 12.2 million view vs about 84.5 million views.

poll after poll says NFL football is by far the favorite sport of Americans. College football is second. Major League Baseball is a distant third, down there with the NBA.
By sheer revenue Major League Baseball is only 2 billion behind the NFL. 9 billion vs 7 billion

So hey what does this have to do with Star Trek/Star Wars? Maybe the gap between the popularity of the two isn't as big as you'd think, and even if it was using movie tickets sales is a flawed way of determining it.
Well, NBA Finals ratings had been trending down before 2012. Pro Bowl ratings are down, too. Game-by-game over the years, the ratings are terribly close, however. And the Pro Bowl is a meaningless game. The NBA Finals are the capstone to the NBA season.

On topic, it's difficult to pin down a real number for the amount of revenue the entire Trek franchise has brought in since 1966. The consensus numbers are between $4 billion to $6 billion from all sources, but those are just educated guesses.

SW has brought in about $6 billion just in its movies, and in a February 10, 2012 story, "Forbes" reported that in 2007 the franchise had made $9 billion in revenue from toys to that point, and $1.6 billion from video games. In the same story, Lucas Licensing reported over $20 billion in revenue world-wide from consumer sales.

Both are popular and wildly successful and long-lived, but to continue a sports analogy, SW is the Yankees with an astonishing 27 World Series wins, and Trek is the Cardinals, with the second most World Series titles, at "only" 11.

It's an embarrassment of riches for all (SW, Trek, the Yankees, and the Cardinals), but if popularity is measured by fans' voting with the money out of their wallets over the years, SW wins hands down.
Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. -- Mark Twain

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