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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

Bill Adama exhaled heavily—he did not care for having Tom Zarek in his personal quarters, not one whit. But Laura had brought him along and he held his tongue. The two of them had informed the Quorum that Gaius Baltar had been injured in a terrorist attack on Cloud Nine—and the Quorum had unanimously voted to post-pone further deliberations for a day. They had gotten lucky, the Commander thought. The Cylon—Gina—had disposed of the shielded case, probably due to the weight. But she had either not yet attempted to rig a new means of detonation or had not been successful in rigging a means of detonation, and the core was intact.

She would have to be questioned, of course—if she recovered. Despite the desire of the pilot and Marines who had taken her down, the medical flight had come here—on Adama’s direct order. He snorted. Major Shaw wasn’t dumb enough to repeat history, and the Cylon—Gina Inviere—required immediate medical care anyway . . . but, there was always the possibility that someone on The Beast would try and unilaterally arrange for justice.

So, instead of Pegasus, she was now aboard Galactica. Along with the other two Cylons Adama still had in his brig. Although according to Cottle, it would be a while yet before the third one would be able to join them.

Turned out when her quarters had been searched, this Cylon was the leader of the Demand Peace movement—and they had released that information, complete with Gina’s pictures both in her disguise and from Pegasus (before she tortured and raped). To say that her cohorts were shocked would be an understatement—perhaps now they would actually stop their campaign to terrorize the Fleet into trying to make peace on Cylon terms.

He massaged his fore-head and he sighed again.

Laura and Tom Zarek just sat there and the President shook her head. “Her gun came from where?” she asked.

The Admiral leaned forward. “We checked the serial number of the weapon—it is a standard issue Fleet sidearm. Ballistics have confirmed it is the weapon used to murder Admiral Cain. But it was not issued from Pegasus—according to the serial number, this weapon was issued to Lieutenant Alex Quartararo from the small arms locker on Galactica. Lieutenant Quartararo—Crashdown—was killed in action on Kobol, six months ago. His weapon was never recovered.”

Tom Zarek started to say something, but then he sat back and shut his mouth—and Adama snorted.

“How? How in the Gods name did a weapon from this ship, lost SIX MONTHS AGO, wind up on Pegasus in the hands of an escaped prisoner to kill Admiral Cain?”

Adama sighed again. “I spoke to Tyrol,” he said and Roslin tensed but Bill made himself ignore that. “He was on Kobol with Crashdown—the events that took place down there are not ones that the Fleet can be proud of. Crashdown was killed by Gaius Baltar to prevent the Lieutenant from summarily executing Petty Officer 2nd Class Callandra Henderson. He shot the Lieutenant with Crashdown’s own pistol that he had given to Doctor Baltar after the crash-landing.”

“Why didn’t this ever come across my desk?” asked Laura.

“It was a Fleet matter—I didn’t want to have his memory tarnished in the eyes of those who had not been down there, Madame President,” and Adama sighed again. “Tyrol cannot remember if he collected the pistol upon returning to Galactica or not.”

Both Tom and Laura were absolutely silent. “However, the last person known to have visited the Cylon—Gina—aboard Pegasus prior to her escape was Doctor Baltar. The coincidences here are staggering. If they are coincidences,” Adama said in a very soft, very angry voice.

“I’ve known this man for six months now, Admiral,” Tom said. “He’s narcissistic, consumed with his own destiny, he’s arrogant, he feels superior to anyone and everyone because he knows there are none in the Fleet that can compete with his intellect—but a Cylon collaborator? No. No.”

And Tom’s voice trailed off and he shook his head.

“There is another possibility,” Laura said, with a glint in her eyes.

And Adama exhaled deeply through his nose. He knew exactly what she was thinking. Galen Tyrol had also been aboard Pegasus and on the surface of Kobol—and she knew that he was a Cylon.

“Madame President,” Bill began, but he was interrupted by the klaxon sounding and Tigh’s voice over the 1MC. “This is the XO. Sound General Quarters throughout the ship. Set Condition One in all compartments. Spin up FTL Drives One and Two.”

The Admiral was off the desk and he grabbed the phone before it began to buzz. “Report!”

He listened and then he spoke three words “On my way” before racking it again.

Laura and Tom were standing as he walked towards the hatch. And he stopped as he pulled it open, “The Cylons have found us. I’m on my way to CIC,” and then he left.

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