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Re: Now That John Logan Has Proven Himself, What Went Wrong With Nemes

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It might have still ended up as "The Picard And Data Show", but the irony is that possibly the best of all the deleted scenes was a Picard/Data scene. Stewart spoke a lot about this particular scene when promoting the film, and I assume he would have been quite annoyed that it didn't make the final cut.
The long 'cut scenes' version of that scene is ENDLESS! There's a similar long scene with Picard and Dougherty in INS that is absolutely great by comparison (not that I think much in INS is great, to be sure), but I think this shows how Baird never had any business being on a film set.

He couldn't stage the scene well enough to keep it interesting. Some of that is less than sparkling writing (we are talking Logan here, who outside of the guys writing the AbramsTrek movies has to be the hackiest of successful screenwriters), but most of it is Baird just not doing the job of a director and getting the magic happening.

His track record: three movies directed, all ably supported by Goldsmith but all entirely lame and boring, when on paper they should have been at least borderline interesting.

To be honest, I'm no fan of him as an editor either. I mean, he got TREK as a 'thank you' for 'saving' TOMB RAIDER. Man, I actually SAW that movie in the theater! That was saved? JUST HOW BAD WAS IT BEFORE HE GOT INVOLVED, ANYWAY?
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