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Re: From Paramount/CBS' perspective - was DS9 a financial success?

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That's what I remember reading at the time, but I keep seeing people on here saying that DS9's ratings were in the dumper.

I was beginning to think I was in an alternate timeline or something.
DS9's ratings did decline year after year--it just didn't hold onto the huge audience that TNG had. And with VOY--or rather, Jeri Ryan--kind of grabbing the spotlight, DS9 was sort of the forgotten middle child of the Trek franchise at that point in time, IMO.
Wasn't it proven that the addition of Jeri Ryan had no effect on Voyager's ratings?
The ratings had declined quite a bit prior to her arrival but she did give them a minor boost and the show's ratings were (more or less) stable until the seventh season when they dropped back to pre-Jeri Ryan levels.

"Scorpion, part 2" was the show's second highest-rated episode behind "Caretaker," though.
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