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Doesn't BBCA run a lot of BBC programs they have no hand in making?
Sure, that's pretty much most of what they do. Last year's Copper was BBC America's first original dramatic production; before that, they just rebroadcast BBC productions, or at most BBC/BBCA co-productions such as Jekyll. (Although these days they rerun some American series like ST:TNG.)
Has BBCA run any of the previous BBC biopics (or 'Comedy is Misery', as they got nicknamed): The Curse of Steptoe (Phil Davis and Jason Isaacs as the two stars of Steptoe and Son), Fantabulosa (Michael Sheen as Kenneth Williams), Sooner You Than Me (David Walliams as Frankie Howerd), etc etc? Not that it would stop them taking the Who one if they didn't.

Anyway, can we start an internet meme of calling this 'The Real Anniversary Special'? Just to see how much it annoys BBC publicity...
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