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Re: Seven Of Nine Was AWESOME!!!

teacake wrote: View Post
That's why this is one of the greatest youtubes ever.

I LOVE this vid!

"Will you marry me?"

"I don't think now uis the right time!"

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
No, silly.

She never took the catsuit off.

She regenerated instead of slept in a cargo bay that was still a common area that was used for ships necessities and functions.

She stood there awake, regenerating fully clothed, and crew walked in and out of the cargo bay because they had to.

Icheb regenerated fully clothed right next her.

The only logical nondisgusting conclusion is that the regenerating process CLEANED Seven and CLEANED the Borg children through their clothes while regeneration "fed them" and regeneration fixed all the breaking down crap in their bodies that needed constant fiddling with.

I mean despite The Voyager Conspiracy and Unimatrix Zero we do think that Seven is completely awake while regenerating and not regenerating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?


Why didn't Harry ever invent an antiregeneration weapon? Using the same principles as how regeneration makes them fit by tightening their screws, they could have reversed the process to loosen everything to make them unfit.
Seven did "sleep" when she was regenerating. She went into a REM cycle and was able to contact the people of Unimatrix Zero in that fashion.

She was also asleep when the 3 BRG from her collective tried to reconnect. She didn't "wake up" just because 3 strangers entered the cargo bay, she woke up when they started to access her her memory files.

[Cargo Bay two] TWO OF NINE: Ready. Insert the interlink module.
TWO OF NINE: He's still worried about injuring her.
THREE OF NINE: If we fail, we'll never become individuals. We have to remember that.
TWO OF NINE: There is consensus. I've found her memory files.
THREE OF NINE: She's aware of our presence.
: She's trying to regain consciousness.
We must abort.
THREE OF NINE: No! We're too close.
SEVEN: I will not comply.

I liked Kes... but I grew to love Seven of Nine.

I'm sure, had TPTB had half the insight to allow the Ocampan the leeway to grow, change and die... Kes would have been equally interesting.

I mean really, why have a character that only lives 9 years, "live"?
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