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Re: The Hottest woman on Voyager was Naomi Wildman

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Nah. What's really "badass" are threads like this, perpetuating the stereotype of geeks on message boards salivating over average women while elevating them to the status of goddess.
No, it's just people disagreeing with your personal tastes in women. I happen to think the adult Scarlett Pomers is indeed quite stunning. That has nothing to do with anything "geek"-related; she's just beautiful to look at. If you don't find her beautiful, fine, but it should go without saying that there is no objectively "correct" standard for something that's a matter of personal taste like this. Different people just have different perceptions of who's beautiful and who isn't. Just because others disagree with your personal tastes, that doesn't make them wrong or foolish. It just makes them not you.
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