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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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As long as Abrams isn't ANYWHERE near Orci, Kurtzman, Lindelof or Burke, him directing Star Wars might not be such a catastrophe.
No Orci and Kurtzman is why I'm optimistic. Most of the problems with Trek 09 are with the shitty script. The visual style irritates me a lot too at times but otherwise it's very cinematic and not too bad. Frankly, the writers of Transformers 2 have no interesting thoughts to ever offer me.

But his preferred visual style would still suck incredibly in a Star Wars film. Shaky cam, whip pans and lens flares? Hell no.
I hope he doesn't use this style and tries to distance this from his Trek films. It seems likely, although I'd wager we'll still get lens flare.

The fan thing will be funny. Star Trek purposely didn't give fuck about the fans because it was run into the ground, and they were all like "We're making this for the general audience, and if yo Trek fans HAPPEN to like it, good for you.". But this isn't gonna fly with the Star Wars audience, nor is there any need to do it, so they will be all like "This one is for the fans!" Hilarious.
Star Trek fans have a stereotype of being nerds so JJ Abrams' mean-spirited "This isn't aimed at THOSE people!" remarks were just to make his product appear cooler and more mainstream. He gets to be more honest with Wars as he'd just be insulting himself if he said the same thing.
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