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Re: How to know when you're too old for your clothes

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{{{{{{{Kestra}}}}}}} Don't ever be insecure. You have such a beautiful personality! Good looks are only temporary at best. After a few years they are gone. The sexiest body will sooner or later give in to gravity. All that being handsome is only on the surface and doesn't count after the first 2 minutes. Admittedly, the body is what attracts us. But the mind is what makes us stay.
Haha, my husband and I are getting a divorce and I found out that he was sleeping with a 21 year old so all this talk about looks fading isn't helpful right now! But I know what you mean. I just think you should be more accepting of people's individual expression when it comes to looks. There are things I don't care for, definitely. I prefer people who are really clean cut. But I wouldn't expect any random stranger to alter their appearance because of my own aesthetic preferences, if that makes sense. It's all just so personal.
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