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Re: The Following Kevin Bacon Kevin Williamson S1 Discussion SPOILERS

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not very good. Pretty standard cop show stuff,,,drunk troubled cop, a villain who has a personal axe to grind with his pursuer, bland supporting cast of cop characters, obvious twists like the child being really ryans and next week we get the shrink to analyze everyone. Yawn,,,the critics raved over this I guess their standards have been lowered by the years of crap networks have churned out that any mediocre drek like this seems like Shakespeare to them.
My first thought, was that this show was "too little too late".

I probably could have got into this show if it was on a decade ago, before a huge proliferation of other procedural shows (ie. CSI franchise expansions, NCIS franchise, Criminal Minds, The Closer, Lie To Me, etc ...). Back then, I thought the Law & Order franchise expanding to SVU and Criminal Intent, was already too much for me to follow.

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watched the second episode it was just as stale and formulaic as the pilot,,,I'm not wasting anymore time on just another crime drama that brings absolutely nothing new.

this has been a horrible tv season,,,there is nothing worth watching,,,I guess that just leaves do no harm and cult,,,hopefully they will be entertaining.
I would have to agree too, of this season's shows I watch and/or tried to watch.

- Fringe season 5 seemed kinda lackluster, with very little to no resemblance to previous seasons.

- Nikita season 3 doesn't seem as exciting as season 2.

- Hawaii Five-0 season 3 seems like it's repeating the same formula over and over the entire time. (Sorta like Dukes of Hazzard cranking out the same formula over and over again for seven seasons back in the early 1980's).

- Person of Interest season 2 seems kinda lackluster, compared to season 1. (I thought season 1 was outstanding).
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