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Re: How to know when you're too old for your clothes

If you ask me he doesn't just look like one...

LOL, ok, that was really unfair, so back to the discussion.
I see your point and I'm honestly trying to be tolerant but some things just make me physically sick. Baggy pants and bad tatoos are definitely beyond my pain threshold.

But that's what the whole thread is about, after all. It's about what we personally and individually consider ok and what we find intolerable. It doesn't neccessarily mean we all must agree on everything. In fact, it'd be a terribly boring world if we did!
It doesn't mean either that anyone is right or wrong. In matters of aesthetics there can't be a right or wrong, only preferences, impressions and feelings.

But that's what makes this thread so interesting. So many different views and new perspectives. Spock would be fascinated =)
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