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Re: What are the requirements for the joining the Federation?

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Say a planet is like Earth that has two hundred or so nations--one or some want to join the Federation, but the other nations do not or rather join someone else.
Raises the question, who (or what) joins the Federation? If it's the people who populate the planet, then whether to join would be a matter of a referendum of the population, regardless of the number of nations.

If it's the current political state, what would happen if the population replaced the government (or government type) that existed at the time of joining?

If say Vulcan entered the Federation as a autocratic state, changes at some point into a democracy, then morphs back to a auotocracy over time, what happens? If it was the Vulcan people who joined the Federation, then they as a group remain a part of the Federation. Regardless of whatever government type they have at any one point in time. If the Vulcan political state is what joins the Federation, when that state disappears (but the people/planet remain) the membership would also disappear, and the new state has to apply for membership from scratch?
See what happens when you don't have a unified planet?
the existence of a planetary government really has to be used as a yardstick for determining just how unified a world is
So if we (hypothedically) give modern day Earth a single planetary government, but change nothing else, how would this make us any different than a Earth with multiple hundreds of governments?

A single government is hardly a cure all, easily could make things worst.
Which is why potential members are evaluated, but a single planetary government would make things a lot more easier, and does say a lot about that world.
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