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Re: PRISONERS OF TIME - News, Reviews, and Discussion

Interesting stuff, though I'm getting some Emperor Palpatine vibes off this hooded figure that's taken an interest in the Doctor.

Not really impressed with the artwork, specifically with how the characters are drawn. They made Ace look like a boy!

I like they've included Frobisher the Penguin among the montage of companions. Also, in the first panel on page one, is that supposed to be a representation of naked Jo Grant with a Dalek? I'd very much like to know how that's explained in contniuity.

Based on what we know of the writing so far, they seem to have done a pretty good job with the First Doctor, I can easily picture Hartnell saying those lines.

Not bad, for a five page preview. Definitely plan on checking this out. What I thought was going to essentially be a series of one-offs tied together with a loose arc seems to be more integrated with each other.
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