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Re: How long does it take to traverse the UFP?

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The Enterprise E didn't take long to get from the Romulan Border to Earth in First Contact. The battle was still ongoing when they got there. Whatever 'Maximum Warp' is for a Sovereign class starship.
I agree with all who said that it depends on the plot. However, I was always under the impression Earth and the other core worlds were relatively close to the Romulan Neutral Zone compared to a good chunk of the UFP. It would make sense given there was a conflict with the Romulans 200 years before Picard's time.
I agree. this has always made sense to me. Wasn't there a comment in Balance of Terror about the Romulan's lacking warp drive back during the war? Been awhile since I've seen the episode, but that seems to have been there. In any case, Sol and the Romulan home-star must be reletively close to each other as well as, by extension, Vulcan.

I would also think that the Klingon sphere of influence can't be too terribly far off either, thus the high degree of conflict.
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