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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

Saul shut off the video monitor as the Quorum went into a hasty recess. And he snorted. “Told you we should have shot that miserable son-of-a-bitch Baltar a long time ago, Bill,” he said with a chuckle. “He’s not doing any of this because he believes in it—hell, he’s the one who convinced Laura to sign that order, with his projections of future population growth when the Gemenesse brought the issue up! He’s doing it to make himself look good.” Saul paused and he sighed. “I can have him arrested for releasing classified information—the news about that child was classified.”

“That would be closing the barn door after the horses escape, Saul,” sighed Bill Adama. “I do not want to have to salute Gaius Baltar and call him Mister President. But the way he ambushed Laura today? Gods damn it.”

Saul smiled and he sat down in the chair opposite his commander and his friend. “Actually, I think we might be able to prove something worse for Gaius fracking Baltar,” he said in a very hungry tone.

“I don’t like the man, Saul, but we aren’t going to set him up,” said Bill.

“While this was happening live,” the two had watched the recording of the event to make certain they hadn’t missed anything, “I, on my own initiative, ordered Mister Kelly to inventory the contents of Baltar’s lab here on Galactica. Guess what came up missing?”

“I’m not in the mood for games Colonel,” Bill growled.

“We can’t find hide nor hair nor any element of that warhead you gave him, Admiral. Now that makes me wonder—where is it?”

Adama sat back. “It was disassembled—the explosives were removed, Saul. He just had the plutonium . . .,” and the Colonel snorted.

“And the beryllium coatings and the tungsten cradle that held the suspended plutonium sphere and the diamond cutters that he was going to need to work with the sub-critical mass. Not to mention the lead shielding case—none of it is there.”

“When was the last time Mister Gaeta recalls seeing it?”

“I asked him—he does not recall actually seeing the device or the case in the lab for the past . . . six weeks. However, he has not been assigned there full time, and he presumed that it had been moved into safe storage somewhere—he was quite shocked that it appears missing.”

Adama sat up. “Is the Vice-President coming back aboard before the Quorum reconvenes?”

Saul shook his head. “I’ve got Marines and a Raptor on standby, Bill.”

Bill Adama stood. “They can come with me—I think it is past time that Mister Baltar answered a few of my questions.”

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