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Re: Clever step of CBS to release ST ENT on BD now?

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As far as the IDW comics go from what I heard 'Fool's Gold' was just a throw away story from the 4th season and wasn't that great
So? IDW has plenty of Trek comics which are basically just throw away stories set in the middle of the TV runs of TOS and TNG and they still dols much better. Then there's their ongoing series set in the Abramsverse, which are essentially adaptations of TOS episodes with the characters drawn to look like the nu actors, yet they are bringing in some pretty decent numbers. And finally, there's Countdown, the Trek XI prequel comic, which is universally dissed as awful and terrible, and yet it and its graphic novel compilation sold so well it's been re-printed in a special edition hardcover graphic novel and it got a sequel series (Nero). In light of these statitics, Fool's Gold did do very poorly indeed.

How did DS9 season 1 do on DVD? Must have done well enough to release the whole series though granted it didn't require any extensive remastering at the time.
Exactly, it didn't require extensive remastering, it was a relatively cheap transfer. Mind you, I see the DVDs of DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise in bargain bins more often than TOS and TNG.

One could argue that TNG or TOS aren't commercially viable either based on the lackluster performance of STV and NEM at the time.
The failure of Nemesis did make Trek movies not commercially viable for most of the last decade. Hell, the period between Nemesis and XI is the longest between two Trek movies, and XI was a reboot at that.
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