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Re: Twin Peaks: The Review Run

1x05 “The One-Armed Man”

(NOTE: I want to point out I made an error in my last review about Hank’s talk about a person having more than one soul. I typed the wrong name. His name is actually Hawk. But the one actually named Hank is someone I’ll be talking about in this review.)

First off, this was a decent episode. It wasn’t as strong as the first four episodes. I think the reason for that is because this is a table-setting episode meant to set things up for next episode. But developments did occur in “The One-Armed Man” that has me very interested.

Cooper and Truman seem to be taking Sarah Palmer’s dreams about Bob and the necklace seriously enough to be used as a guide for their investigation. I am interested in Donna’s reveal that Laura had the kind of dreams as her mother. It leads to a question on my mind: has Sarah always been psychic or did it started after Laura’s death? As much as I enjoy Sarah making a contribution to the investigation of her daughter’s murder, it doesn’t seem to be able to rally her and Leland together in joint cause. Their marriage remains in a state of grief-stricken decay. I doubt it’ll be improving fully anytime soon.

A while ago, I wondered what was the purpose of Twin Peaks’s show-within-show Invitation to Love. I think I figured out what it is. I think the show is David Lunch’s way of poking fun at the soap opera elements of the show like the scheming that is going on between Catherine and Ben, and the secrets being kept between several of the characters. I suspect Lucy is one of them. I think she is keeping something big from Andy which is why she is keeping him at a distance. I feel sorry for Andy being so lost about why Lucy is acting this way. I hope this drama between them is resolved soon. I think they make an adorable couple.

Speaking of couples, I foresee a heartbreaking future for two couplings on the show: Ed/Norma and James/Donna. On the Ed/Norma front, there’s the threat of Norma’s husband. I’m not convinced that he is a changed man and there’s something about his obsession with that one domino he twirls around that seems crazy to me. I think Norma may be drawn to whatever residual feelings she has for Hank from their history together or at least the possibility that Hank may have changed for the better. I fear she will be sorely disappointed and Hank being released from prison fills me with a foreboding sense of doom. On the James/Donna front, there’s the threat of Laura’s cousin Madeline. The threat she posed isn’t in her nature as a person but in her resemblance to Laura. James couldn’t take his eyes off her after seeing her for the first time. Her looks and his grief over Laura may draw James away from Donna’s reach and into Madeline’s arms.

I find it a bit hypocritical that Bobby feels wronged by the fact that James was seeing Laura behind his back when he was seeing Shelly behind Laura’s back. I think it has something to do with his need to pump up his macho image. But, oddly enough, Bobby is rising to be one of my favorite characters. His mixture of bay boy attitude and underlying vulnerability is compelling to me. I find myself rooting for his plot to remove Leo from Shelly’s life to succeed. It was clever of him to use Leo’s bloodied shirt to give Cooper and the police proof of a connection between Leo and Renault. I look forward to see how that turns out.

Bobby and Shelly sure make a sexy pair. But I wonder if he and Shelly would grow up to be Norma and Hank. Hank has some of Bobby’s bad boy nature and Norma is like a grown up version of Shelly who wised up to the folly of falling for a bad boy but a part of her can’t help feeling drawn back into that attraction. I got a mother-daughter vibe from Norma and Shelly during their chat about their troubles with the men in their lives.

Seeing the Red Corvette Dr. Jacoby said belonged to one of the men Laura had spoken to him about turning out to be in Leo’s possession makes me curious about how much he and Laura were involved and in what way. This and his partnership with Ben increased my interest in Leo. Ben being partners with both Leo and Catherine makes me think this guy sure gets around. But, based on the way Ben talks to Leo, I think Ben sees him less as an equal like he does with Catherine and more as a thuggish child that needs to be guided to get things done the smart way. The subplot about the factory fire scheme is one of my favorite storylines in the show. Watching it to progress this episode has me thinking about Josie’s secretiveness. Why doesn’t Josie tell Truman what’s going on with Ben and Catherine? Is she afraid he wouldn’t believe her or that there isn’t much he could do without any solid proof? Or that he is too busy with the Laura Palmer investigation? And there’s another thing that has me puzzled about Josie: her connection with Hank. Josie seems to be very afraid of him. Could she and Hank have ben lovers before she got involved with Truman? And is Pete hitting on Josie? I don’t blame him, having Catherine for a wife. But I’m assuming he doesn’t know about her and Truman. Maybe I’m misinterpreting things.

Audrey is an enigma of a character. She can be a bitch sometimes but I fear for her as she goes about taking matters into her own hands tracking down Laura’s murderer. Her reason is less about justice and more about winning over Cooper. I think Audrey is walking some dangerous ground with her investigation into Laura’s death. I believe her inner Horne keeps her safe. I saw some of it rearing its head during Audrey’s manipulation of her father to get a job in the department store.

I like to end this review with some random comments and observations. Coming back from my long hiatus, I enjoyed seeing the Cooper-Truman friendship again. Hawk says the most beautiful, thought-provoking things. And I wonder who Cooper was talking about when he spoke of having met someone who helped him understand commitment and taught him the pain of a broken heart. Will we learn more about her or see her in person in a future episode?
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