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Re: Any Regular Viewers Of PBS?

As a kid, I watched PBS every day for shows like Sesame Street, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Zoom, and others. During my teenage years, my local PBS station became really cool and started airing Doctor Who, Blake's 7, The Prisoner, Red Dwarf, and even Space Precinct. Added to that were the various cooking shows, This Old House, and even The Joy of Painting, and I guess I was watching my PBS channel more than any other back then.

These days, though, I hardly watch PBS at all. I eventually grew out of the kids shows, all of the British sci-fi imports went away, and real life frequently gets in the way of other shows I might still want to see.

But my local PBS station has its digital outlets, and I can find many of the PBS cooking, do-it-yourself, and travel shows on the Create channel. Periodically, I'll tune in there.
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