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Re: Columbia House Next Generation VHS series

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Hi --
I am new to your site. I have about 82 VHS tapes from Columbia House Next Generation and am wondering in there is any interest or value to these tapes. Some are still sealed.
Welcome to the site. One of the house rules around here is no soliciting. That is a quick way to get a thread locked and get your account penalized.

If you're looking to unload them, honestly ebay would probably be your best bet. Though I'm not sure how much interest you'd get. Even the old DVD's are becoming obsolete with the BlueRays coming out. Either way, this site isn't the place to conduct your business. I do hope you'll stick around and participate in the various Trek discussions though!
Maybe it's just me, but I didn't get the impression the OP was trying to solicit here. I think he was just asking if they are rare items (still wrapped, etc.).
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