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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

I may be dichotomizing this too much, but compared to "Star Wars", what is there in "Star Trek" to attract kids? Kathryn Janeway coffee mugs? Spock sheets?
Especially if a kid knows nothing of either franchise, is a six year-old more likely to be attracted to a Spock action figure in the toy aisle, or a C3PO one? What nine year-old is going to want a McCoy doll over a Wookie or R2D2? Which character looks more swash-buckling to a kid, Kirk in uniform holding a phaser, or Hans Solo dressed as a Jedi Knight wielding a light saber? Which would be cooler to a kid, being Darth Vader on Halloween or being a Klingon?

Comparatively, "Star Wars" is the strange, new world, with new life and new civilizations that "Star Trek" is always supposedly seeking out. "Star Trek" is us. Its world is familiar. It also has to make some sense. SW is totally alien, and doesn't want to be familiar to anyone (after all, it takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away), and it therefore has more weird and cool things that don't even have to make sense. The weirder and cooler the better.
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