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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

could they make it any more obvious how last nights raw was going to end? once they pushed the mcmahon heyman angle to the end of the show, everyone and their mother should have known that brock was returning, would injury vince and in the next few weeks HHH returns to once again defend the family honor (rehash of orton/steph/hhh from a few years ago).

HHH and Brock being surprise rumble entrants would have been a better way to do this. going to assume there is only going to be one elimination chamber match at the ppv as well now that punk/rock 2 is on. although i guess shield v cena, shamus, ryback could be done in EC.

who are the other 4 in the world title EC match (assuming del rio, show are in)? ziggler? jericho?
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