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Re: Star Wars II and III 3D releases cancelled

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However we get a new A-Wing, Jabba’s Sail Barge, a Hoth set, and the 2012 sets are still around. There is a X-Wing, TIE fighter, Endor set, Jabba's Palace, Y Wing, a big B Wing and a mini R2D2. What else do you need?
Cloud City, baby. The 2003 release goes for around $1000.00, which really couldn't be any less reasonable.

And since you asked, how about a Medical Frigate, a Max Rebo band, a decent USC version of Mos Eisley, an Ewok village would be nice, an awesome Degobah swamp Jedi training set... and hey, why the hell not? Let's do the Yavin 4 rebel base while we're at it.
I don't know what half the crap you listed is. So why would LEGO make them? LEGO makes stupid ships because it has a TV show to follow.

The good news about more movies is more none prequel set.

And we will be getting an ewok village set. Probably in September.
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