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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

The first time I saw "The War Machines," Polly rather impressed me, because I was a depressed and lonely teen at the time, and the way this pretty, affectionate young woman came over to the sullen Ben, whom she didn't yet know, and took it upon herself to be nice to him and cheer him up was rather touching for me, the sort of thing I wished would happen to me. So I had a positive impression of Polly for a long time, based on what little I'd seen of her -- which was only "The War Machines," since the syndication package we got on our local PBS station consisted only of the movie-length edits of complete or nearly complete stories, so it jumped over the entirety of seasons 4 & 5. I never saw Victoria until they recovered "The Tomb of the Cybermen," and that was the only story of hers I saw at the time. It's only this past year with the DVD rentals that I've gotten to see any more of Ben, Polly, and Victoria, and the ladies haven't come off that well at all in the surviving episodes I've seen.
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