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Re: 100th VOY caption contest! How Harry Kim Became Promoted!

Harry: Sir, Neelix told Hogan to pick up some humanoid skeletal remains at the mouth of a cave.

Chakotay: So? What could go wrong?

Captain, Chakotay is claiming responsibility for Seska's child.

So? What could go wrong?

Harry: B'Elanna confided in me her secret love for you.

Seven: So? What could go wrong?

Doc, I'm concerned about these tremors and weird flying bat-things.

So? What could go wrong?

Doctor Neelix: Have you gentlemen tried my 'Senior Staff Suprise?"
First Officer Kim: Oooh! Can I try one?
Doctor Neelix: So? What could go wrong?
Captain Paris: First planet with surfing, I'm outta here.

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