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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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Some people are upset about Star Trek movies always being treated like they're second to Star Wars movies. The reason that's so is because Star Trek is second to Star Wars in terms of box office. You got that?

Star Wars has generated $22 billion over the past 30 years when you add all of the shit in together. Whereas Trek has made $4 billion. It's not even close.

Star Wars' initial release was followed by another five blockbuster films and a mini-industry of tapes and DVDs, toys, videogames and books. Taken together over its 30 years of cultural dominance, the Star Wars franchise has earned more than $22 billion.
The original TV show started in 1966, and with 10 movies and four more TV series, lasted into the 21st century. Spock action figures and models of the Enterprise sold by Playmates Toys, Hasbro, and Hallmark have made the franchise $4 billion.
Four billion is still good coin, but Star Wars is in another league.
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