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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x01 The Child

Now onto the second plot which involves Geordi's new rank and position of Chief Engineer. I'll always miss Geordi's original position because I liked the idea of the blind person flying the flagship of the fleet. While he will have many great moments as Chief Engineer, the position also means that Geordi will no longer take command of the Enterprise.

Unfortunately, how the Child portrays Geordi as Chief Engineer will pretty much dictate how he handles critical situations all the way to the end of the TNG era. That being when something goes wrong, there is nothing he can do to stop it. Take that super duper container that's used to transport this deadly cargo. Hester wants to ensure that the container is working properly and that there will be no chance of any mistakes happening.

Couple of things to note. If anything goes wrong with this container, it will most likely kill everyone onboard the Enterprise. That includes the crew and their families. And the other? It's not something that can be jettisoned out into space without possibly contaminating other ships or planets (which also brings in another plot hole). Even knowing this, NO ONE ever considers the possibility that this container might fail. And when it does, well, all Geordi does is say how impossible the situation is.

- There's no reason for this to be happening. I can't even isolate the cause of the problem.
- Everything exactly as it should be, right down the line.
- No, no, no. It can't break through this.
Not the best start for his new position.

Remember that bit about Hester saying that they can't jettison the container because if it comes into contact with a ship or planet, the results will be disastrous. Ok, why not just hurl it towards a sun so it can just burn up? And even if they had to jettison the container into space, It's not like the container would immediately come across another ship or a planet the moment it was jettisoned. Even Starfleet has protocols regarding hazardous areas in space, and we'll be seeing an example of that this very season in the episode "Unnatural Selection"!

And you gotta love this bit.

DATA: Computer, run diagnostic on module L seven three.
COMPUTER: All circuits functional.
DATA: Perhaps it is a sensor malfunction. Computer, inquiry. Is growth actually occurring in module L seven three?
COMPUTER: Confirmed.
What? Why does Data use sensors to scan the container if the sensors are possibly malfunctioning? And if it's the container's sensors that aren't working, why doesn't the Enterprise's computer run continuous scans on the container to ensure that the results it is getting matches the results that the container is getting? Again, simple set up to ensure everything works properly, and no one ever considers it.
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