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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x01 The Child

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Whoopi may have been the bartender but she had a much better role and lines than Yar ever did, even though she was in the more powerful role.
Oh, I agree. I hold Guinan to be one of the most interesting characters in all of Star Trek, and Whoopi's interest in wanting to be a part of Star Trek is one of the coolest casting stories in any medium. You just don't get many big name actors voicing their interest in becoming a part of something they've been a fan of. Most of the time it's always treated as 'work' or doing it for the money. Not saying that's a problem, it's just nice to know that actors can be fans just like us.

I just think it's a pity her first appearance is to help ensure that Wesley stays on the Enterprise. The one character I did NOT want to stick around.

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I stand by my "pro-choice" comments in proving that this episode was far from sexist. If it were sexist Picard would have ordered her to have a termination.
Granted yes, there was that element in the episode, but I doubt the idea of termination would have come from a political stand point since they're dealing with an unknown alien entity. And that still doesn't stop Picard from ordering Worf and two other security officers to look over the actual birth process. Pretty funny when you consider what Worf had to say during the meeting.

WORF: Captain, obviously the pregnancy must be terminated for the safety of the ship and crew.
RIKER: Worf, you can't assume the intent was belligerent.
WORF: That is the safest assumption.
As SFDebris put it, "That's Worf. He's not pro-life or pro choice. He's just pro-killing."
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