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Re: TNG Caption This! 302: I look forward to our next caption, Captain

LeadHead, TFTW.

Some bad news: That day everyone let their guard down.

Some good news: Picard and Worf did it at the same time.

Some more bad news: The crew was quite puzzled when the two of them said, "He's right behind me, isn't he?" in unison.

Picard (to self): "I wonder whether Beverly will notice that I've switched from ChapStick to Blistex?"

Unbeknownst to Gene Roddenberry until he saw some of the dailies, Burton, Spiner, and Frakes all perceived themselves as having the same good side.

When times became difficult in the 24th Century, many did whatever they needed to get by.

Jarok (in background): "I don't always drink Romulan ale, but when I do, I prefer..."

Tomalak (to self): "Damn...wrong number."

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